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About us...

I was on holiday when I had a dream about an all singing and dancing car wash, the best car wash in the world, and being a nice clean, tidy person, I thought how much I would love to be the owner of a car wash that offered a better service than anybody else.

So when I got back off my holidays I set off to get some ideas together...

It wasn't long before I realised that there wasn't such a system available, well not in the way I saw it anyway...
Don't get me wrong, there are loads of good car washes around but all of them have good and bad bits in my eyes. So I soon realised this wasn't going to be as simple as I first thought, and believe me it wasn't.

So, visiting all parts of the globe I have gathered the best quality components and interfaced their abilities to achieve this state-of-the-art system.

This system is superior to the majority of car washes in the UK by being one of the first to re-cycle the water.
By way of large tanks beneath the conveyor belt, spent water is collected and taken back to the high-tech plant room where a complex filter system returns the water into a re-useable state and ready to go again.

By re-cycling the water Bubbles Car Spa will meet all British Standards when the new law comes into force which will ban all car washes that do not re-cycle.

So next time you use another car wash have a look to see, or ask a member of staff where all the used water goes, because most of it goes down the drain, and that is not very ECO friendly is it?

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