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3 Reading Arch Road, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1HG

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01737 773 232

Bubbles Car Spa

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I took my old Citroen Berlingo van down to Bubbles Car Spa after a dirty winter in the snow and ice. It was in a right old state, filthy, but that cleaning system they have installed is great! The van came out like new... Thanks to the Bubbles Car Spa boys !!


Ricky M, South London




As I am really lazy I never seem to get around to cleaning my car, so I was more than pleased to find this funky new place in Redhill with all the amazing machinery to clean cars, it's really good gear! Now I can be even lazier than ever...!!


Mark O'Connell, M25




I have an old white Rolls Royce which I don't usually allow anyone to touch, but now I have seen how professional the crew are at Bubbles Spa, they get my trade every time now.


D C, Local



As a secondhand car trader I have a steady flow of vehicles pass through my hands. I used to have them valeted by a mobile firm, but now Bubbles Car Spa is up and running it saves me time and money to put all my cars through their system.


JD, Caterham



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The Management, Bubbles Car Spa, Redhill

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